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Do babies need chiropractic health care? Do babies have a spine? Spinal cord? Can they get jolted around? Falls down steps, wobbly when they start walking, and fall over? Difficult delivery? Problems with your baby’s health could be coming from their spine. The spine serves as the connector and the shock absorber in all these situations. When the stress or trauma is too great, problems will occur.

Most cells of the body receive information through the nerves from the brain and spinal cord. The spinal cord is protected by 24 spinal bones call vertebrae. The vertebrae must be aligned to allow normal bending, movement and function of all your parts.

Proper alignment of the spinal bones is at least, if not more important as a baby and child than as an adult. This will determine how the body works later in life.

Babies and children should have a chiropractic check up. We have had several babies less than one year old who have had checkups for a healthier childhood. Some typical things that we have helped include colic, constipation, stiff neck, and ear aches.

Why deny your child his/her health. Call today!